Workers from Ukraine

The labour market situation in Poland, even though considerable unemployment, is not filled with crowds ready to take up enployment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find not only speciallists, but also manual workers. That is why we responded to those needs.


Ukrainian workers recruitment

This kind of service is mainly dedicated to companies seeking specialists and experts in particular field. After recieving the order, containing requirements on wanted worker, we are launching recruitment and selection. Our job shall end with the moment of hiring Ukrainian worker in our client’s firm and regulating all maters related to legalising their stay and taking up employment.


Outsourcing workers from Ukraine

It is a perfect solution for companies which consider external recruitment. In accordance with the order form and general agreement with the firm and agency, hiring Ukrainian workers is carried out. The essence of this employment type is that agency signs agreement with worker (pays wages, supervises, acts as employer, handles the HR service) and the work is carried out for the client. Workers from Ukraine are employed on the basis of delegation or export contract.


Outsourcing production processes

It takes place on the basis of commercial agreement between agency and production company. On this ground part of the production processing is transferred to external company. Such solution has also great potential in other fields, wherever there is the possibility of order execution on this basis.


Body leasing from Ukraine

A tripartite agreement between emloyer, temporary work agency and temporary worker. It is a perfect solution for the employers wishing to quickly hire workers and reduce costs at the same time. We are immediately reacting to changes and our client’s needs of staff resources, proposing a number of solutions supporting the company’s performance.


Legalising the stay and employment of workers from Ukraine:

  •  we cooperate with Ukrainian Work Soultion company in the field of employees recruitment and preparation of a mobility period;
  •  we coordinate the workers’ arrival;
  •  we arrange the employment of Ukrainian workers;
  •  we assist the workers in the visa process (working visas, Schengen visas);
  •  we obtain necessary documents and permits required to take up employment in Poland;
  •  we help with Labour Office registration;
  •  we assist workers in finding accomodation and prepare them to take up employment.


Advantages of hiring workers from Ukraine:

  •  our workers understand Polish language and use it in a communicative way;
  •  cultural and linguistic similarities make it quick and easy for Ukrainians to adapt to work conditions in Poland;
  •  Ukrainian workers manifest a great motivation and commitment;
  •  they have educational background in many specialist fields, which are dealing with labour shortages;
  •  they provide support on production lines.


We invite you to visit our Ukrainian partner – Work Solution.

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