Body leasing

Body leasing is a flexible legal solution which enables going beyond rigid employment conditions under Labour Code and in accordance with the rules in force.

It also provides optimal solution, inter alia, for businesses planning implementation of ad hoc projects, which are labour intensive within short time. Using our services allows to quickly engage staff when appropriate. This service also solves undetstaffings associated with unpredictable random events, such as: medical leave, maternity leave or temporary inability to work; but also when the firm growth and development requires employing more people. Since temporary worker is not included in overall staff numbers – you can avoid exceeding certain legal limits.

Body leasing is useful when it is necessary to temporary hire experts with special qualifications.

You may be sure that we will provide trained specialists, who will live up to your expectations – without unnecessary formalities and additional costs related to accounting expenses, choosing appropriate staff or recruitment.

In the case of body leasing, the subject of a contract is the service (not the worker) – performed by the worker. Cost of the service can be counted in the costs of running the business.

Responsibility for the particular order execution rests upon us.

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