Quick order fulfillment, even up to 48 hours after the order is recieved;

Actual employment costs reduction, even up to 30%. Temporary worker is not included in overall staff numbers – you can avoid exceeding certain legal limits.

No recruitment and selection costs;

Solution to the problem of unexpected work downtime. Worker sent to your company returns to the agency without any further consequences. This way you’re avoiding problems with termination, dismissal, granting unpaid leaves and charging work stoppage benefits;

Employing without permanent contract;

The employer-user bears the costs of an actual work time only, as temporary workers are engaged on demand and work untill the commissioned duties are completed. It solves the overtime problem;

Possibility of replacing the employee, if he has not fulfilled his responsibilities.

Reducing the burden on personnel departments. You are concluding a service agreement with the agency and within agreed intervals or after completion we are issuing VAT invoice, which can be included in the costs of running the business;

Flexible agreement duration time and short notice period for cancelling;

Takeover of the employer’s responsibilities: recruitment, conclusion of contracts, payment of public-law contributions (ZUS), issuing PIT, salary, medical and OHS certificates;

Simple labour costs calculation.

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