Temporary work? You couldn’t have chosen better!

If you are looking for temporary work – you couldn’t have chosen better!

Doesn’ t matter who you are – secretary, driver, accountant, salesman or student – if you are looking for a temporary employment, this is the right place for you. We offer full range of recruitment services and employment on the basis of temporary employment contract or a civil law agreement; full-time or part-time. We provide both – domestic and foreign offers.

Offered work is not difficult, doesn’t require special qualifications or preparation, but provides tangible benefits, such as remuneration and opportunity to gain necessary professional experience.

We are a great starting point for those who are studying and not having availability to enter full-time employment. We offer the possibility of work at different hours and days of the week. You have the full right to choose which days you are willing to work. Nothing is imposed from the top downwards.

Temporary work can be included in a résumé in the professional experience field, as it is an important message that speaks to the employer of your diligence and motivation to enter full-time employment.

Our offer is also a valuable solution for those, who are already employed – but willing to supplement their income. The work we offer is a temporary activity – you can freely choose working hours and days. We do not impose any minimal or maximal limits on working hours in a month – you’re the one who decides how much and how long you work! We offer our contract holders the hourly wage, so they know the exact time they need to earn wanted amount of money.

We offer attractive wages paid out in a timely manner to our contract holders and workers. Contracts may be concluded from month to month, according to the needs and willingness. Also in case of finding a full-time job (a temporary job allows you to keep seeking permanent employment) we do not hinder your career.

We are taking care that our contract holders and workers are well informed and aware of their rights and duties. In the event of disagreement we intervene and clarify the sticking points.
In the first place, we propose attractive job offers, both in new and permanent projects to conscientious workers, that are cooperating with us over a long period of time.

Although, we are not always having a dream job offers on the beginning of the cooperation, we are taking care to propose a better position in the future.

If you prove yourself competent worker, that complies with the requirements of offered job, you will be recommended to our contractors without hesitation.

Recent job offers:

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