Recruitment process – what’s next?

Congratulations! You became a Temporary Work Agency „Mazury Job Plus Sp. z o. o.” employee.

We are signing: an employment agreement, a mandate contract or a specific work contract (everything depends on a particular offer). Then you will be sent to work for an employer – user. The employer-user made the job offer, specified workers’ requirements, working conditions, agreement type and duration. The employer-user supervises job performance and maintains the records of hours worked.

The remuneration is paid by us, Mazury Job Plus, by the 10th of each month, to the nominated bank account. As your employer we are issuing certificates, tax informations, notifying the Social Security Office and paying benefits.

After contract termination we are issuing certyficate of employment, which will enrich your résumé.

We are in permanent contact with you and employer-user in order to avert misunderstanding. You are treated in the same way as other workers in the place of employment.

Every temporary worker is protected by the Labour Code and the temporary workers’ employment act.

Remember that your commitment and the performance of the assigned duties best showcase your work. A good reference contribute more than a long résumé.

Recent job offers:

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